21 July 2008

Pridelal sem...

... bulo na prstancu.

Izpit je šel bolj tko tko. Nimam pojma kaj se izcimilo - vem da mi je krepko zmanjkalo časa, vem da sem marsikatero stvar poenostavil samo da sem pridobil na času, vem da sem nekatere stvari narobe pozabil omenit,.. skratka - tesno bo. Odvisno kaj so ostali uspeli zmučkali. Če ne bodo koregiral potem sem verjetno v težavah.

No, so pa 3 ure in pol konstantnega pisanja pustile posledice. Veliko bulo na mojem prstu. Ni najboljše slika in kot ni taprav, pa vseeno...

Pa naj še kdo reče da izpiti niso fizično delo. :) Kaj bo šele jutri...

19 July 2008

Čas je za...

... predizpitne rituale.

Jem kar mi zapaše (ampak mi paše veliko zelenjave... verjetite ali ne), grem ven tečt, fitness, savna in seveda muzika. Skratka, bolj relaksacija kot pa študij.

V ponedeljek in torek pred izpitom pa zgodaj vstat, pojest porridge (ovsena kaša) s cimetom, oreščki in suhim sadjem, na hitro preletet najbolj zahtevne dele in potem iPod-a v ušesa in izpitu naproti.
In glasba v iPod-u mora biti taprava. Tik pred izpitom pa še moja motivacijska and I'm rearing to go...

17 July 2008

Invasion of teenage...

... Americans (I think teenage mutant ninja turtles would've been better).

When I came home from the gym there was a normal queue at the reception area of the halls (halls function as a hostel during the summer). OK, I though, more tourists... fair enough.

But more people started dripping one by one down the street and in a few minutes groups started to arrive and then it just turned into a constant stream coming from all sides. And then it daunted on me: they are not just tourists, they are all teenagers (they seem to be around 18). And they are in a group.
Quote from the reception area when I was trying to fight my way up the stairs: "Oh my gosh, this is just soooo coooooool... I mean, you knoooow, just us and in Europeeee.... it is just sooooo amazing, we gonna have soooo much fuuuuuuuuun!" Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA......... someone save me............

P.S.: They all had one or two *gigantic* suitcases. Double, triple AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....
P.P.S.: It would've been almost the same if they were of any other nationality. Potentially even worse. The only reason for mentioning that they are American is their accent which here seems out of place. :P

What is the qualification criteria...

... for a Facebook friend.

This is one of those postings which may offend some people. Sorry, I didn't mean you... :D

On Facebook (FB), you get requests to connect with people from your present or past live and you become Facebook friends. Yes, I need to write FB friends because some of the people who added me barely know me. Already when FB was not known yet throughout Europe I had a few requests like this.. but know that FB has spread like a plague, it has reached its limits.

Which of the following does qualify you to become somes friend:
- you've met them once at a party?
- they are yours friend's friend?
- they've spend a couple of days at the same student event as you did, but you've never really talked
- you are originally from a village near by and since the villages are really small and everyone "knows" everyone, everybody is "friends",
- you are from the same country and they feel lonely,
- you've played football once with them,

and my favourite by far
- you've opened a FB group for the area where you're from, when on the interenet, found the following photo of that place and published it on the groups space (no author rights, I know... blush... I'm imbaressed... blush again).

A couple of weeks later I get a FB request to connect from a random guy from Slovenia. And I write back that I'm sorry and that I can't remember who he is (have to admit memory isn't my strongest point) and if he can refresh my memory. And the guy writes back: "ojla.Vidu sem slikco slikano iz padala in hkrati me babica sprašuje "slovenski jadralni padalec Klemen" ko gleda v križanko:). No potem sem deloval iz afekta, ker jadralni padalci pač držimo skup."

I guess some of you need a translation. :) Here goes: " Hi. I saw the photo taken from by a paraglider and at the same time my grandma asks "slovenian paraglider Klemen" trying to solve a crossword:). So, then I have acted in affect cause we paragliders stick together."

I was completely flabbergasted. To give the guy some credit, he did write that if he overstapped the line, I may just think of it as a nuisance. :D

I was asked...

... why I don't write about people around me, specifically my colleagues and friends.

There are a couple of reasons for this:
- because some people don't like to see things about them on the internet;
- because if things are written, it is much easier to misunderstand it as the double meaning of things is not supported by body talk;
and most importantly,
- cause I don't want to get into trouble where not necessary. :)

And I promised to write something about the colleagues who raised this question. So here it goes... hope I don't get into trouble. ;)
This person often intrigues me. Why? Cause I see him/her as a very sensitive person who is very aware of other people, someone who can analyse things very well and can argue their point if necessary. Some who from time to time comes across as very confident, but on the other hand he/she often comes across as insecure and gets carried to cloud No. 9 very easily. And this confuses me. :D
It even got me thinking to which extend day dreaming about unreachable things is normal. Specially for a grown up. Cause I know I'm not normal in this sense... my dreams are, dare I say, very realistic and most of the time I can see them at the end of the straight - just a question of really wanting it now or in future. But maybe I should have dreams which are out of thinkable... maybe I'm becoming more and more boring because of this. Hmmmm...

15 July 2008

Inflation is high...

... but Zimbabwe is in a galaxy of its own.

Once one of the strongest economies in Africa went to hell under Mugabe. Estimates of inflation are up to 1.5 million percent (yes, 1,500,000%) and the latest reports apparently show 1 million percent inflation.

They have raised this topic also on Mock the Week show on BBC. Definitely not PC, but hilarious... although you do need a good stomach at certain moments. A good point on Zimbabwe and the international community response was made in the 7 minute (6.15 onwards).

14 July 2008

Can't be bothered...

... to even care.

Those of you who are doing the ACA with me know the amount material we need to cover and the amount of "stress". Some of you as may also know that I've realised that this ACA stuff is not really the wow factor for me. Not even the OK factor anymore....
So why did I decide to do it? Cause it was offered and it counts as a good thing to have in the business world. Or so they say! I you know me... just rolling along...

Coming up to the penultimate sitting I really can't be bothered to properly study as I have done before. I'm not stressed or bothered because I'm not studying as I should be... if that makes sense. I'm more and more relying on my exam technique from uni. Look through the solved cases, go to the exam and fiddle with numbers. And since both exams have a big written part, also write down any bul****it that will spring to my mind. Hopefully there is enough left from previous exams. :)

Anyway... another week to go... I'll go and flip a few pages of solved cases now.

13 July 2008

I like trying new things....

... but from time to time I regret it.

After almost 3 years in UK I have first tried Marmite today (a spread made from yeast). I knew it is one of those "love it or hate it" things, but I didn't think that the hatred would be so strong. Definitely one of the most, if not *the* most, revolting things I have ever tasted. I wasn't even able to swallow it... I still get shivers if I think about it.

11 July 2008

Spregledam močan potres...

... in za ves razbit porcelan v trgovini obtožim slona.

Prebral sem članek v Delu, o tem kako je sedaj vrednost NKBM delnice na istem kot je bila ob prodaji. In kako so samo skladi pobrali dobičke. Takrat sem bentil, da niso najbolje ocenili vrednosti delnice (roko na srce... zelo težko na tako majhnem trgu). Vendar izjave da je vlada vlagatelje "nategnila" ker je: "državljanom obljubljala atraktivno naložbo in možnost sodelovanja pri upravljanju" ki pa se sedaj evidentno niso uresničile so pa too much!!!

A bi si g. novinar malce pogledal kaj se je zgodilo z delnicami ostalih velikih evropskih bank v minulih 8 mesecih? Bančni sektor je na londonski borzi izgubil 45 odstotnih točk v zadnjem letu, oziroma 27% v zadnjih 6 mesecih. Hm, mogoče se pa del problema NKBM skriva tudi v globalni ekonomiji... kdo ve???
Pa tudi bonus delnice niso nenavadna poteza ob takih kotacijah. In ja, cena delnice bo še malce padla ko se to zgodi!

P.S.: Nikoli si nisem mislil, da bom branil napade na to vlado. Ampak ta članek je pa tako populističen, da bi ga bili lahko "ponosni" še v desnem taboru.

10 July 2008

Hidden costs...

... drive me mad, but the total is still lower than elsewhere.

I've just made a booking with a no-frills airline (I'm not sure I should mention their name in order not to generate unnecessary publicity - it is the blue and yellow one).

I was used to their stunts on how to charge separately for luggage and if you want to board amongst the first ones and for drinks on board and a transaction fee for the payment. But they've managed to pull another rabbit out of the hat.
Now the transaction fee for payments is charged per person per flight (generous 4 quid - around 5 EUR). Therefore, if you book return flights for two you pay £16 for transaction fees although you only make 1!!!!!!! transaction. And this is now a flat charge across all card types. ***Unbelievable***

Anyway, after letting my steam out with half an hour of ranting over corporate ethics and EU and UK gov't inability to do something to protect the customer, I went ahead and booked the flights. All hidden charges included they are still by far the cheapest. To be honest... ridiculously cheap.

07 July 2008

Internet je za veliko ljudi...

... odmor med delom. Ali pa jutranja priprava na delo.

Vse fwd maile s trapastimi in manj trapastimi priponkami dobim med tednom. In ti so navadno poslani zjutraj. Obiskanost bloga je med tednom višja in tudi časovna razporeditev je drugačna. Če je med vikendom največ obiskov zvečer, je največ obiskov med tednom... surprise, surprise - zjutraj.

Samo da vas šef ne dobi. :)

04 July 2008

Laughter is...

... infectious

I got a scolding from yet another mate yesterday for not writing in English. So I face my dilemma again. It is definitely not possible to write both in Slovenian and English - so which one should it be. Writing in both is simply too time consuming and I can be bothered.
So, I guess it is down to my primary target audience... friends back home. Are you OK with me continuing in English? If not... say it out loud now and I'll be writing in Slovenian.

Anyway, here is a clip which will hopefully make you laugh - simply because laugther is infectious.

02 July 2008

Prekršil sem svoja načela...

... in vzel dopust da študiram.

Sicer imamo plačano šolanje, ampak vsi ostali normalno vzamejo cel teden ekstra dopusta, da študirajo. In izpit je gaussova krivulja. Dog eat dog. Do sedaj mi je uspelo brez dopusta, tokrat pa je prpa naredila svoje...

01 July 2008

Ko tvoj "dom"...

... postane hotel.

Za veliko mojih sodelavcev je hotel postal dom, ker delajo na projektih v drugih mestih. Pri nama pa je šlo v drugo smer. :) Študentski dom se namreč čez poletje spremeni v hotel. In sedaj že mrgoli turistov, ki se z zemljevidi zgubljajo po Exhibition Road-u in iščejo vhod. Še bo pestro...