03 April 2010

Goodbye Cambodia...

... and hello Vietnam.

The last days in Cambodia were amazing. Went to Kampot and the lazy seaside resort of Kep. Both places are ex French resorts and also noticably richer than the rest of Cambodia.

1) Trekking in jungle to the Bokor Hill station which is an abandoned hotel and casino built at the begining of 20th century. Although the trek was only 4 hours it was one ofthe most intense walking things that I ahve done. The path was not even properly cut out and we got lost with the ranger (well.. they were still cutting the path through the jungle) a couple of times. The top view was amazing... calm,the mist raising from below, really tranquille.

2) Kep is small seaside place with brilliant crab - they keep them in cages in the sea in front ofthe restaurant so they are as fresh as they get! :) Kampot and Kep are also known for pepper and we went to see how pepper is grown and then different pepper made.

3) First impressions of Vietnam
Beautiful country but you really need to be more on the ball then in Cambodia. People are much more money driven. And we managed to fall for a scam from the word go! :) Looking back it was bloddy obvious that it is a set up!!! When we arrived to the bus station we were told that the bus has already left.... hmmm... where can we go. Oh no, you could catch another bus, but we would need to take you 10 minutes away to another village. OK, negotiated the price for the drive and left. Set at a road side cafe (yeah... why the hell would they bus stop there?!?) and chatted with the guy. The bus arrives and the all the laguage and everything was on and there was imense hurry.... and the price... let's say well overcharged. But hey... lesson learned. Klemen should not trust people until they prove him wrong on the road!! :)

today we went to see the floating markets on the Mekong and it is nice to just drift around on the river and the canals and observe the life on the river and by the sides on the country side.

4) I'm writting we as I have been travelling with an English girl and with a French guys (up to Vietnam). She is very relaxed and easy to travel with...

5) Facebook is blocked in Vietnam so... don't write to my wall and can someone fwd me anything from my wall I should know about :)

6) I'm a proud owner of a Nokia and can be reached my dialing +84 120 44 56 437

7) Camera prices are extortionate in Vietnam and there is *no* *way* I'm paying more than in UK. And they don't really seem interested to sell. Maybe I'll have more luck in Ho Chi Ming City (ex Saigon). If not, I'll take photos from other people until family arrives to Hanoi mid month.

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