20 March 2009

Kolegi so me opozorili...

... na prispevek na nasem intranetu. Kliknem in ...

Deloitte sponsor the world's best rowing crew.

Deloitte is sponsoring the crew of "The Great Eight", whereby the world's top single scullers will row together as one impressive team to win the annual Head of the River Race this Saturday. They will also row against the University of Cambridge on Wednesday as a warm-up, ahead of this weekend's big river race.
It is the first time ever this fabulous crew has been put together. It comprises of the fastest seven scullers in the World at last year's Beijing Olympic Games, together with Iztop Cop, from Slovenia, who is the most medalled rower in international competition. This is a huge event within the rowing world and is attracting media coverage from across the world.
.... blablabla

Goooooo Cop!!!!

Za konec pa se pravi naslov clanka: A winning partnership; the world's best rowers and Deloitte. Hahahahahahaha. E moj Deloitte, pretentious as ever. Na koncu jih bo pa Cambridge se nascal. :O

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