11 December 2007

Exams and then...

Jutri imam slavna dva izpita. Drzite pesti med 8 in 11 in 12.30 in 15.30 po vasem casu.
Po izpitih gremo seveda na kaksno pijaco, v cetrtek pa letim v Rigo in potem s prijatelji v Talin. Komaj cakam...
V ponedeljek zvecer pa sem ze doma v Sloveniji. Pripravite se! :)

The end is nigh! Two exams tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed between 8-11 and 12.30-15.30 CET) and then... a couple of pints of course.
And on Thursday... the holidays begin. I'm off to Riga where I'm meeting with Kristjan and Thanos (friends from BEST) and then going together to Tallinn. Can hardly wait!
After that I'm flying to Slovenia (of course I have to change in UK - crazy world) until 2008!

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