25 May 2010

"Why not??"...

... was the usual response of our guide in jungle.

Exclaimer: The more squeamish of you may want to stop reading here.

And this answer goes also for question: "Do you eat ... (insert anything that has a mother and is not human)?". The only thing Smy (the guide) doesn't eat is wild chicken... go figure! Something to do with the spirits as they are animists.

In that mode we went for a night creek "fishing/hunting/collecting" expedition and had a night snack of small fish, crab and frog - all eaten in full with bones/shells. Had a guana for lunch on the last day and loads of different plants and fruits along the way. But no, it doesn't finish here.. after the trek was over he took us (I was travelling with an Ozzie guy) for some more food tasting. But because his friend already sold the monkey we had to settle for dog meat and eggs with fetus.

I've posted some photos from Ratanakiri on Pobarvani trenutki, but the food section was documented by Drew and here is the midnight snack.

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